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Data Quality Assessment

Producers: Kee Joong Hong (Patrick), Jian Xiao (Devin), Fan Ni (Rick), JaeHeui Her


Mr. Hsu is the manager of Ernst & Young (EY). Currently the business is expanding so rapidly that Mr. Hsu feels that an upfront assessment of data quality is essential to every engagement they perform. The purpose of the project is to build a computer-assisted tool to facilitate the performance of data quality assessments. The intention is then to design and develop an interface to assess and visualize the quality of a variety of data sources (for example Excel files, CSV), based on a number of different metrics.


The system was intended to be a web-based system built on Ruby on Rails. However, with the limited time of twelve weeks and departure of two project team members, the project was decisively agreed upon and successfully developed as a Java application, and the output visualisation delivered as a dashboard built with Tableau.


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Scott Sun scott.sun@au.ey.com


This project was designed and implemented in University and Sydney from August 2014 to November 2014.